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Introducing RatherME

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Test Your Taste

Bored of swiping left or right for only one person? RatherME is the first dating app that allows you to choose between two different profiles and obtain a potential match with your preferred profile.

Icebreaking Matches

Matched users on RatherME have the opportunity to see the mutual interests with their new match. Using these mutual interests, we help break the ice by providing specific date suggestions.

Create Your Own Matchups

We can finally settle those debates about who men/women would rather between you and your friend. RatherME allows users to create their own matchups and view LIVE results.

Create and Join Tournaments

RatherME allows you to also settle the debate of who is the “hottest” amongst your group of friends by allowing users to create and join tournaments ranging from 4 to 32 participants.

Friendly Competition

Compete with your friends, local community, and global users with our leaderboard feature that ranks the top users in RatherME. Users accumulate experience points (XP) by winning rather and tournaments.